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COURTS   OF   PARIS,   NAPLES,   ETC.                 I2Q

Les colonnes mobiles des Peres de famille are
ordered out to garrison Landau and reinforce the
army in Italy.

Madame de Talaru and Cesarina have called
on me. The latter has grown a stout, bold-looking
girl—her chin a la Neron. During the time of
terror, when they were hiding themselves and
lived in constant fear and trembling, the mother
was exhorting the girl to attend to her religious
exercises. " Ah, maman ! " she said, " comment
est-ce qu'on pourroit penser d faire son salut £
present ?"

A journal (I know not which) has found out
that I had a son, page to Louis XVL, and that I
and Lord Malniesbury are selected for our astuce
and manque de foi; so it requests everyone to be
upon their guard against us. As all I say and
do may be known on the Pont Neuf if they like
it, you may be sure such stuff gives me no un-

Madame du Paty has married her daughter
Leonora to the son of Elie de Beaumont. Made-
moiselle d'Arbouville is in quiet possession of her
property, and nobody knows the fate of her
brother, poor Crooknose. The young Du Patys
have been employed in planning, &c., upon the

VOL. n                                                       9